Jolly (Hong Kong) Limited is a company established in Hong Kong. In view of the growing demand on the high technology oceanographic and aeronautical equipments in China in the last decade, Jolly has been working hard on this business segment and showing encouraging results. We have successfully introduced various new generation products into the China market. One of the chief successful factors is, but not the last, the strong relationship with our customers, which is not only contributed by our proactive management team, but also by the professional service (the attribute that sophisticated customers always looking for) provided by our engineering team.
Based on customers' needs, Jolly (Hong Kong) Limited aims at providing new generation of science and technology industrial apparatus, equipment, application focused research, technical support, after-sales service and engineering and technical advisory services.
Along with the rapid development of the China market, Jolly has expanded its service area. Our sales team and engineering team often visit customers located geographically in different parts of China in order to understand the real customer's requirements & views and communicate with the manufacturers so as to achieve our goal - to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.